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12 oz "Plump" Nut Sac

Product Name: 12 oz Peanut Nut Sac
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Getting heavier, our "Plump" Nut Sac offers 12 ounces of premium shelled dry roasted peanuts in a handcrafted one of a kind Nut Sac. Keep in mind that your Nut Sac can be reused to hold countless things. They make great entertaining gifts for anyone who likes nuts, and/or a good laugh. Be sure to personalize your Nut Sac so everyone knows it's yours. Or so that that special someone knows you we're thinking of them when you saw our Nut Sacs. 

One Of A Kind

Our Nut Sacs are handcrafted from premium 12 oz burlap. Each Nut Sac is hand cut, sewn, painted, and draw corded. It takes us about an hour to craft even our smallest of Sacs. Every Nut Sac is unique, the details and colors in the burlap vary and some of them are fuzzier than others, they are however consistently fun. Rest assured your neighbors Nut Sac won't look like yours so you can feel free to show it off with pride knowing that you have a one of a kind Nut Sac in your hands. 

Au Naturel

Our Nut Sacs are crafted of 100% all natural materials which consist of 12oz premium weight burlap, 100% cotton thread, 100% cotton drawstring, and soy based paint. After you finish your nuts your Nut Sac can be used for all kinds of things. Stuff it with whatever you can think of. With pencils, with candy, with cookies, with change, with doughnut balls (messy), whatever... Due to the nature of the materials used in crafting your Nut Sac it is advised that you don't get your Sac wet (shrinkage) also being made from the Jute plant burlap breaks down if it sits in water, so that's not good any way you look at it.

Whether you’re snacking on your nuts, stuffing your Nut Sac, or displaying it with pride you will be sure to enjoy it. 

Allergen Warning:

Our "Nut Sac" and "Protein Sac" products contain peanuts and they are crafted with equipment that touches peanuts.

However our "Just a Sac" products do not come in contact with peanuts or equipment used for crafting our peanut related products.

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